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Create a central online hub for members and enquirers. Easy for a busy volunteer to set up, manage and one day hand over. 

Because volunteers are already busy enough

You focus on the swimming. We focus on the tech.

Our hosted template is set up for you to edit as you wish. Alternatively enjoy our optional content migration service*

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Attractive layout

Look good with our contemporary mobile responsive design that automatically adjusts to the screen size.

Easily manage via the popular WordPress content management system.

Authoritative Domain

Stand out with yourname.swimmingclub.org.au or optionally apply your own domain name*.

Instructions & Support

Achieve results fast using our online instructions 24x7.

Email our friendly technical support in case of problems.

Social Media embedded

Maintain freshness by embedding your existing social media feeds into your website.

Future Proof

Enjoy capability updates and avoid obsolescence on our WordPress platform.

Easily migrate away without lock-in if ever required.

Optional migration service*

Haven't got time to migrate content from an existing source?

No worries - we can do that for you*.

*additional charges apply to optional extras

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Swim Club website

$ 444
per year
  • Hosted website template
  • yourname.swimmingclub.org.au
  • Online content management instructions
  • Technical support via Email
  • Purchase online by card or direct debit
  • Tax receipt
  • Automatic renewal after 12 months
  • No setup charges
  • 30 day full refund guarantee

Optional extras

Website money back guarantee excludes optional extras.

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Great question!

Social media posts are here today and gone tomorrow – great for reaching lots of people, but not so good for sharing information that can be easily found when you need it – such as memberships, information about club nights, uniform and committees, and club sponsors.

We believe that a club needs  both web and socials – they compliment each other. Our template allows you to republish social media content on the site so you get the best of both worlds.

An example of the website is [press here]. You will receive an exact copy of this for you to modify using our easy to follow instructions.

Basic customisation of colours, menus, sections and layouts is easily achieveable and supported by our team. Major customisation is out of scope of this service.

Your club will need:

  • lead person with an email address
  • with computer connected to the internet running a web browser
  • words and pictures (“content”) to publish

Prior skills and experience are not required but we recommend that the person is computer friendly.

For your peace of mind you may enjoy our 100% money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied within 30 days of purchase! This applies to the website only, not any optional paid-for extras.

There is no demo site but you can view the new template [here].

For your peace of mind you may enjoy our 100% money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied within 30 days of purchase! This applies to the website only, not any optional paid-for extras.


yourname.swimmingclub.org.au will be your URL (subject to availability). Alternatively we can support you to purchase and/or connect a different URL*.

We regret that name.swimming.org.au URLs have been discontinued by Swimming Australia and cannot be used.

Swimming Areas / Regions / Districts / Zones (who are not clubs) are recommended to purchase their own domain if they dislike swimmingclub.org.au

The website will link to Swim Central, not integrate with it. Swim Central accounts are entirely separate from any admin website logins.

Your members should continue to enter events via Swim Central.

For WA clubs, links to Swim Central can easily be changed to My Swim Results. Again, it does not integrate and logins will be separate.

The website does not integrate with Meet Mobile.

No. This is a website service only.

You (the swim club) owns the content. We only ask that you retain the Swim.Rocks name and link in the footer, everything else is within your full control and ownership.

No, unless you find your own advertisers of course.

Could you find a website sponsor who pays for the site in return for their logo being displayed? 

This will be very easy. Simply direct them to our easy to follow operating instructions, and set them up with a new login to the site.

Our friendly customer support team are also available to support you if required.

Google and other search engine algorithms will make their own decisions about when to list your new site. You do not have any direct control over this, but there are certain things that you can do that are believed to encourage good search engine listing. See our tips here.

The sooner you have a website the sooner it will get listed.

No not directly. We recommend that you use Swim Central, Stripe or other services for payments.

To create an online uniform shop we suggest you create a page displaying merchandise on our platform, with a link to a Stripe hosted payment page.

Yes absolutely. For clubs in WA we can easily change ‘Swim Central’ link to ‘My Swim Results’.

Swim.Rocks was founded by swimming parent, Ben Ramsden, in 2015. Ben is passionate about making the dry side of swimming as easy as possible.

Swim.Rocks is a division of Mensard Pty Ltd an Aussie company ABN 12 140 276 866. Mensard has software customers in over 70 countries.

Mensard is a supplier to various swimming organisations including Swimming Australia and Swimming NSW.

This website service is completely independent of Swimming Australia, and is kindly being promoted by Swimming NSW, Swimming QLD, Swimming SA, Swimming TAS, Swimming VIC and Swimming WA.

Your website data will be stored on our leased servers in Australia, and backed up daily.

Any bank card details are stored by our payment provider, Stripe, and not by us.

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